Hi, I'm Jeremy Finch 👋I help companies launch and scale new products by conveying complex ideas in simple, powerful ways.

Specialties: B2B SaaS, new technology

I help clients achieve three things

1. Deeply understand their customers
2. Clarify their value proposition(s)
3. Develop marketing assets that work

Engagement formats


1:1 coaching and sparring

I serve as a thought partner for founders, leaders, and executives. This includes weekly 1:1 sparring sessions, unlimited email support, and regular async video updates.


Implementation, done with you

Together, we'll scope a custom plan: Timeline, outcomes, goals etc. Activities may include research, pricing, messaging, web strategy.
Example: A GTM Audit (sprint).


Embedded within your team

Are you short-staffed or spread thin? Embed Jeremy within your team, quickly expanding capacity (remotely) for a set # of hours per month. Includes live + async work.

Let's tackle your toughest go-to-market challenges.

All the way from customer acquisition through retention and monetization


Previously, I worked at Adobe, HubSpot, and Altitude. I have an MBA from MIT.My background is in Product Marketing and Design Research.Depending on the project, I often team up with other trusted partners or freelancers.



Product messaging and clear, effective positioning.

Customer Research

Inspire new opportunities by deeply understanding people.

Pricing Strategy

A pricing and packaging model that fits your business.

Digital Assets

Email sequences, landing pages, and collateral that converts.


Bring your team together to vividly envision the future.

Video Production

Custom videos and engaging, original multimedia.

Engage at two points

Earlier is ideal:
The best time to start marketing = while you're building.

While you're in development


Looking to step back and define your differentiators?Feeling distracted or "caught up in the knitting"?Wondering how to deploy finite GTM resources?

Let's make a plan!

In market, adapting and scaling


Noticing increased acquisition costs or churn?Are inferior products gaining market share?Planning a pivot? Or entering a new market?

A fresh POV can help.

To start

Book a strategy call!

intro chat
(30 min, free)

Problems I love solving

De-risking big bets
Before investing in a long development cycle, costly outbound campaign, or risky FT hire, quickly test your hypotheses via prototypes and experiments.

Facilitating tough conversations
Go-to-market success requires alignment and cooperation. We'll bring together key leaders to unlock new opportunities for growth.

Simplifying jargon
Sometimes teams get so close to product that they struggle to convey value in plain language. We'll create evergreen GTM assets that resonate.


It's your company

We'll focus on the outcomes that matter to your organization.

🧠 Head + Heart 💗

We'll consider analytical and emotional perspectives alike.

Everyone will be involved

Great ideas can come from anywhere. I'll ask and listen.

Get in touch :📬

Rapid GTM Audit

Accelerate your path to product-market-fit.

A one-week marketing assessment and B2B messaging blueprint.

Looking to launch a complex, high value product?

Your value proposition needs to be clear, distinct, and understandable.

Let's quickly assess your GTM foundations, identify gaps, and make a plan.

Rapidly gain clarity and alignment.Via a new, outside POV.

How this works

1. Book an intro call (FREE)To start, let's discuss your goals, assess fit, and outline a plan.

2. Schedule 2x workshopsIf proceeding, we'll schedule two short workshops, 3-4 days apart.I'll ask some questions, we'll do some 1:1 "sparring", and discuss a GTM framework.

3. Select a marketing assetPick one of your most important GTM assets (pitch deck, landing page etc).I'll record you a detailed walkthrough video with customized feedback.

4. Receive your blueprintOne week later, you'll get a short report with tangible recommendations.


get started

Book a strategy call

[ 30 min ]
a free intro chat

Get un-stuck, fast

Two 1:1 calls

Live advisory and sparring

Asset review

In-depth feedback on a GTM asset

Custom report

A simplified messaging blueprint

Let's chat!

Maybe I can help

"There is a law which decrees that two objects may not occupy the same place at the same time.Two people cannot see things from the same point of view.And the slightest difference in angle changes the thing seen.”



Thanks for reaching out!

I'll follow up within two business days.

You can reach me at jeremy@angleanddistance.com, anytime.

You can also book a meeting directly.